TihomirThe sky is an interesting thing. We look at it with admiration and it inspires us to dream. It sets our point of view and perspective – one that is confined to Earth. It has always been this way … since recently!
In the last decades, for the first time in human history, people are crawling up to space to have a look at their own cradle – Earth!

My name is Tihomir and I am interested in the steps that we, Humanity, make to reach the stars. I have always been interested in space, but my interest got ardent since Curiosity’s landing on Mars.

The Human Adventures in Space Exploration will inform you with the newest in space exploration. If you want to know more on different topics, then you can read the articles section. There are also plenty of interesting videos and information touching topics like satellites, rockets, missions, planetary exploration, scientific experiments, rovers, Mars, electric cars and much more. I hope this webpage inspires you, giving you the latest on the latest tech we invent to reach the stars.

I hope your visit here is a time well-spent for you. You can contact me with questions regarding space exploration or suggestions what you want to see on this site or just to say hi. I am updating the site daily!

I hope you have a nice time here!


A Look at Humanity Reaching for the Stars