HDEV experiment on the ISS

You Can View Earth From Above Right Now!

The HDEV experiment is positioned on the outside of the International Space Station and includes several cameras that give you stunning HD views of Earth.

For the ones that follow SpaceX and what they do, you already know that last month’s mission of Dragon to the Space Station (CRS-3) delivered a new experiment (among many) called HDEV.

These are several commercially available cameras put in a box and brought outside the ISS, exposed on the cold harsh vacuum of space, to evaluate which one is best for space videos.


The “side effect” of this experiment are the stunning sights that we all can now see of our beautiful Earth. And these are not images, this is a real time video of our planet, right now at this very moment!

Here are some example images of Earth viewed with the HDEV:


Everything is free and don’t have to subscribe, pay or anything like that. Just click and enjoy Earth!


On the right side of the website you can see a map and the current position of the ISS. If you see a black video, then most probably the station is on the dark side of Earth. Come back in an hour or so and click on the video again. The station is moving fast and will most probably be at this time came out of the dark side…

by Tihomir Dimitrov
The Human Adventures in Space Exploration – 05.2014
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