Expedition 38 Landing

ISS’s Expedition 38 Returned to Earth

On Monday, March, 10, 2014, Expedition Crew 38 astronauts Michael Hopkins, Soyuz Commander Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazanskiy entered the Soyuz docking station on board the International Space Station, closed the hatch and came back home to Earth.

The astronauts landed in Kazakhstan in their Soyuz TMA-10 spacecraft ending their five months and a half stay on the ISS. On board in the ISS are 3 crew members from Expedition 39 at the moment and 3 more are expected to join them on March, 25.

You can find images here.

See the hatch closure and the undocking of the Soyuz spacecraft from the ISS:

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Expedition 38 Lands In Kazakhstan Completing Mission

by Tihomir Dimitrov – 03.2014