This is a list of links to different professional and amateur sites about space exploration and electric cars.

— ESA —

ESA official site

ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope website

— NASA / JPL —

JPL CalTech NASA Official Site

NASA Space Flight


Basics of Space Flight

— Mars / Curiosity —

JPL MSL Curiosity Official Site

Mars Global Data Sets

MSL REMS instrument

Astrogeology Science Center

Midnight Planets

Thomas Appere Curiosity Photo Streams

HIRISE Experiment

Inspiration Mars

Space Habs

The Mars Society

Mars One

— News / Blogs — News

The Planetary Society

Universe Today

America Space

Space News

Popular Science

Discovery News

Wired Science

Mars Artists Blogspot


— Tesla Motors / Electric Cars —

Tesla Motors


Green Car Reports

Tesla Motors Forum

Tesla Motors Club

Transport Evolved

Mercedes Electric Smart

Tesla Motors Supercharger Network Information New

— Humans To Mars Summit —

Humans To Mars Summit (H2M) 2013

Videos from H2M 2013

Humans To Mars Summit 2014 (April 22-24)

— Misc / ISS —


HDEV and the position of the ISS

Current position of the ISS

Heavens Above

An Elon Musk Enthusiast webpage

Global Space Organization

ISS Above Gadget

Live from Space

— Astronomy —

Sky and Telescope


12 Dimensional String

12 Dimensional String – Eyepieces Views

Solar Monitor New

LROC Maps New

by Tihomir Dimitrov
The Human Adventures in Space Exploration – Updated on 30.01.2015
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A Look at Humanity Reaching for the Stars