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You and I must act now!

The White House just released its budget request and NASA’s groundbreaking Planetary Science Division is again under attack. NASA’s total budget was cut. Planetary Science was cut. The Opportunity Mars rover faces cancellation.  And there is no commitment to a major scientific mission to Europa.

After three years of cutbacks to planetary exploration, we say enough. Enough delayed and cancelled missions, enough broken promises, and enough loss to science.

If Congress restores funding to 2012 levels, we could have a major mission to Europa, a sample caching mission to Mars, an increased number of small missions, and we could protect our functioning spacecraft.

As the world’s largest space advocacy group, we wield great influence. But only if we all act together and act quickly. Budget decisions about our future are being made now.

Stand up for space exploration—sign the enclosed petitions to your Representative and Senators urging them to commit NASA to a major scientific mission to Europa and restore the Planetary Science budget to its historical levels.

For US citizens:


For Non-US citizens:


by Tihomir Dimitrov
The Human Adventures in Space Exploration – 05.2014
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