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Tesla Model E

Earlier this month Elon Musk commented on Tesla Model E

Tesla Model E is a Tesla Motor’s car that is expected to arrive some time in 2017/2018. This is an all electric car, of course, 20% smaller than Tesla Model S and with about 330 km battery range. This means that the Model E’s battery will be 20% smaller too which amounts it to around 48kWh and that is still over double the 24kWh battery of Nissan Leaf.

Model E will cost twice less than Model S – around 35000$ entry level which puts the car in the reach of the mass market! This is a part of Tesla Motors plan to mass produce the electric cars and bring them closer to the people. The affordable price of Model E will be possible after the announced building of a huge Mega Factory for battery cells next to Tesla Motors Giga Factory that currently produces Model S. This step is an enormous commitment from Tesla Motor’s side and shows how serious the company is in their idea to remove the gasoline car from the streets and to bring the electric cars revolution to reality.

by Tihomir Dimitrov – 03.2014