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SpaceX CRS-4 Launch / Sept. 20, 2014

Today, Sept. 20, 2014, SpaceX will launch the Dragon capsule on board their Falcon 9 rocket to the Space Station (ISS)

Here are several images of Dragon birthed to the ISS for undocking. The spacecraft will be attached to the SS during the next month for the astronauts to unload all the nearly 5,000 lbs of crew supplies, hardware, experiments, computer gear, and spacewalk equipment.

Look at Dragon, captured by the Canadarm2 robotic arm for docking with the ISS!

The view is from the HDEV HiRes cameras that sit outside the ISS. Normally these cameras show a beautiful view of Earth, but now you can see also Dragon!

You can have a look here:

SpaceX successfully launched Dragon on board their Falcon 9R rocket! Go Dragon!

Here is a recording of the launch:

and the post-launch press conference in Florida:

Stay tuned for more news and videos from the docking of the Dragon with the ISS.

1 hour 8 minutes before launch … 90% weather favorable for launch. (1:52 EDT Florida – scheduled launch hour (8:52AM BG time)

Falcon 9 with Dragon on board 1 hour before launch


SpaceX is about to deliver its 4th Dragon capsule to the Space Station with more than 2.5 tons of science and technology experiments on board. The company will use their Falcon 9R vehicle (without the landing legs) to lift the Dragon up. The 1st stage will burn for 120s and then it will perform a series of burns to attempt a controlled landing in the ocean as a part of SpaceX continuous goal to develop reusable rockets. After 1st’s stage re-entry, the rocket’s 2nd stage will ignite its vacuum Merlin engine to perform a 9 min. burn (the nose cone of the Dragon will be deployed 40s after 2nd stage¬† starts the burn) and then it will deploy the Dragon into an insertion orbit of 200 by 360km orbit to chase the Space Station for the next 2 days.

SpaceX has already scrubbed their first launch attempt due to bad weather at the Cape. Current launch time is set for 1:52AM EDT on Sunday morning (around 8-9 o’clock on Sunday morning Bulgarian time for whoever is following).

SpaceX LIVE Launch

Dragon has become a space taxi for the Space Station, delivering science and technology to support the continuous research that is being carried up. In CRS-4’s Dragon capsule there are a number of unusual cargo like mice for experiment,¬† other small organisms, a X-ray mice scanner to evaluate the muscle and bone loss in the mice due to weightlessness, a 3D scanner to prove the technology to be able to print part into space instead of launching everything needed off the ground and a number of batteries to replace some of the SS hardware.

Here are several images of the cargo included in Dragon 4:

And here are a number of press conferences discussing the Cargo and Science experiments on board CRS-4 Dragon.

by Tihomir Dimitrov
The Human Adventures in Space Exploration – 09.2014
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