Tesla Model S and Some Engineering Behind It That Makes it Unique

I have talked before about the Tesla Motors Model S electric car and I mentioned a lot of its unique features and advantages over the conventional combustion vehicles, but I missed to mention the most important one – SAFETY!

In this FIRST video, you can see the Model S designed with safety in mind. Light-weight aluminum combined with rocket-hard rails going through the whole length of the car and on the front forming triangular shapes that helps stiffness and reduces vibrations. All these make this car great in crashes.

In the SECOND video:
– you can see the rear suspension system with rear breaks contributing more than in a conventional vehicle due to the low center of mass.
– advanced aluminum cage protecting the passengers
– where else will you get a car that has a space for a third row of occupants underneath which you will find the very compact electric motor, drive train, power electronics, gear box and the multi-link rear suspension system? Nowhere.

In the THIRD video:

– the battery pack on the bottom of the car helps make the car more rigid through a special design of the marriage of it with the aluminum body.
– you can see the rear suspension system and deep inside that module, is the tesla elestric motor, the gearbox and the power electronic inverter right next to the motor and to shrink-wrap all that within the rear suspension module is quite an achievement!