Thaicom-6 Successful Launch to Geostationary Transfer Orbit

Today, on 6 Jan. 2014, SpaceX marked its second successful GTO mission with the upgraded Falcon 9 rocket.

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida – Today, SpaceX successfully launched the Thaicom – 6 satellite. Falcon 9 delivered the Thaicom – 6 to a 295 (perigee) x90000 (apogee) km GTO at 22.5 inclination. Approximately 3 minutes into the flight, after a successful MECO (Main Engine Cut-Off), the second stage’s single Merlin engine began a 5:35mins. burn that delivered the satellite to its parking orbit. Eighteen minutes after injection into this orbit, the engine reignited again for 1min. to carry Thaicom – 6 to its final GTO.

The restart of the Falcon 9 second stage is a requirement for all geostationary transfer missions.

Mission Overview: