Meet Tesla Model S ! / May 28, 2014

28.05.2014 – I have a birthday today and I about to get one of the best presents ever! To see a Tesla Model S (P85+) for a first time!

I have been dreaming to see a Tesla Model S for quite some time now. This is an amazing car, produced by an amazing company! Tesla Motors is founded by Elon Musk more than 10 years ago and the single most important goal of the company is to ignite that spark that humanity needs to go from oily, smelly and dirty cars to the modern 21st century electric vehicles, that will make our lives much easier and better. Just think for a second about what a big city would look like if all cars in it are electric and there is no CO2 pollution!

So far Tesla Motors are super successful and they succeed towards their goal. Tesla Model S is being delivered to USA, Western Europe and recently to China! I think that this is the beginning of the electric revolution that we all need in our transportation and I believe that this is only the beginning. Tesla Motors are coming out with new models with innovative features and in a few years they will even make their cars more cheaper due to improving the efficiency of their mass production and more importantly – they are building a mega battery factory for Li-Ion batteries right next to their Tesla factory. This, along with making the next Model E 20% smaller, will make the cost of the car affordable for the ordinary citizens!

Elon Musk always says when asked on conferences that there are at least 3 phases in the production of every new technology and the production of electric cars is no different. The first phase is to lay the ground work for the innovative technology and to come up basically with a prototype. This is an expensive vehicle like the Roadster. The second stage is producing a large amount of cars, improve the technology further and settle a mass production pipeline. Tesla Motors are in this second stage now with the production of Tesla Model S.

So, here comes my birthday and I haven’t seen a Tesla yet! A very very close friend of mine has seen seen one several times, but not me! It happened that she knew personally a Tesla owner and she dragged me for my birthday with tied eyes and surprised me with this beautiful car and we rode in it!

Here are some photos of the event!


by Tihomir Dimitrov
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